Basque country info

Basque Colours are probably what strike you first when visiting this region:

blue, like the Atlantic ocean: the wild coast and its amazing waves offer a world-famous spot for surfers.

Green, like the valleys at the bottom of the Pyrenees chain, where the most beautiful traditional villages in France are scattered, boasting their church and fronton (open court for Pelota game), keeping alive local traditions and folklore.

Red, a symbol of the region and the typical colour of most half-timbered houses.

Basque Traditions are deeply rooted in the region and many events are taking place all the time to keep them alive.

The Bayonne festival gathers more than 1 million visitors each year. The ham fair, casetas, Espelette pepper festival are major local events that should not be missed.

Basque People are proud of their country like no one. They love gathering and sharing a glass of Txakoli or Iroulegy wine, playing a Pelota game together or singing traditional Basque songs.

The Basque Country is a place of powerful emotions. You will discover deeply-rooted traditions in this land of strong identity where life is a treat, even for a short week-end. Get a feel of the place and indulge in all the great things that make it so special: surf, golf, beach, tapas, Bayonne ham, chocolate, rugby, hiking, basque pelota. So many things to do during an unforgettable stay !